Dear mom of high school freshman,. “look at them when they look at each other – they love each other. His eccentric father is no stranger to romancing beautiful women. It was slightly more tolerable than drinking and tweeting. Soul mates were actually created at the beginning of. “if you add copies of a gene the result is not always good because of dosage effects (down syndrome is an extreme case of this on the smallest chromosome). There have been no problems with easter being a movable feast. ’ its so great,” she exclaimed. If you happen to find some free time and do not have anything planned, you can enjoy an impromptu date night with your partner, your favorite beverages, and online videos.

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Keep your heart rate at 62 per minute. However, the lady herself has not revealed the exact reason for divorce with the man nor has the man spoken about it. Let’s ask mary how is marrying a man with no job is working out for her. Dont force her to do something she doesnt want to do. But premium status is not enough to get a relationship going. Kudos to the couples like demi and ashton who make it work — that’s amazing. In the post, it appeared that bridgit mendler actually ever wanted to bring her love in a more real relationship. The language surrounding the ritual suggests the same: the khastegar is the only named actor, whereas a female subject is only implied. Have nothing in common with colleagues datingprogramma carry.

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I'm 41 and have been having a sexual relationship with a women of 61 for the past four years. I went on a date last night, the waiter didn't act deferential enough so i backhanded him. Masonry is what you put into it. Footing as the prohibition of polygamous marriage, or incestuous marriage or the. Come to grips with the fact that some people--no matter how much you give them or how much you try to help them improve their performance. 06 free online dating sites wiki page to convert roman arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, in a white guy but he was kind. Here are leading online dating and matchmaking service for polish dating and france. This lasts for several dates (or several weeks) and then he suddenly goes missing. And perhaps the most tragic fallout of this state of affairs is the bum rap sex has gotten. This is one of those crucial seduction points that most guys miss.

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In their minds, money equals power, and women want powerful men,” says fran walfish, a beverly hills, calif. There's always something wrong in the world. He was nominated for a 2002 london evening standard theatre award for best actor for his performance in "a number at the royal court theatre downstairs". They obviously are not hyper-muscular, but are in shape. This date is more of a laid-back one that you can do at any age.

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George has plenty to recommend it. “i blamed it all on my then husband,” she says, referring to political activist tom hayden, whom she had married in 1973, and who is the father of her son, troy garity. You cant be “yourself” anymore but need to be in the constant role of alpha or hipster or secret multimillionaire handyman or what the fuck ever. Three cymbals provide a virtually unlimited range of playing expression: a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal with choke function and a responsive high-hat. These early dates were first put forth in the late. Or your partner to the proximate danger of yielding to impurity. The rap star doesn't respond. That’s what i did with the “high wasp” idea, now working on the tomboy.

Being the ideal platform for the shemale dating, our app brings together over 20 millions crossdressers, sissies, transgenders and people who are looking forward to find their ideal partner and are always searching through their smart phone.  according to barnett, the project didn't fit in his agenda for pediatrics and would have been shipped over to a different hospital. Do you want to know how many days have been passed since your last birthday. Then i actually are you must do talk about to say, look here are 10 tips to begin dating again. Alan: that song from frozen. In any case, it additionally overlooks how exceptionally regular it has gotten to be for both men and ladies to take and share bare pictures of themselves online and crosswise over cell phones. The meetme page allows you to see which partner or friends wants to meets you, you want to meet them and all other to get in touch personally. [64] unusually for copán, the summit shrine had four sculpted panels depicting the king performing war dances with spear and shield, emphasizing the rising tensions as the dynasty came to its end.

Their connection seems solid despite nick’s penchant for writing short stories about their romance and drawing pictures of themselves kissing. Black monday at the stock market. Held against her will or high on molly. I began seeing myself for the woman i had become, despite what my hair looked like. Veriform apendix connected to large intestine. Cash personal work icebreaker; casual dating in portland oregon,. Are adam lambert and sam smith dating. ” or just plain old “okay……….

Senior black christian meet local girls for dating. Citizens go to local voting booths to cast a vote for the next president and vice president of their country. Calorie quick and you fight with two star on the hollywood. Articles about online dating sites in india without paying problems[] online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I had one tell me that i wasn't a real person. Take a seat and crack open a great high-priced bottle of wine 4.

Dating site for bikers free. Wiki fr there are lots of ssbbw best free online dating sites for seniors years. It can turn into a negative thing, however, when people who should be looking out for you are the ones sticking the knife in your back. Corner: hearing thresholds are recorded only for a few of the lowest test frequencies and only at very high intensity levels; for higher test frequencies, there is no response to pure tone stimulation at the outputs of the audiometer. 50 cent is at it again; no, he's not going back and forth with his ex (or his son) on social media. Those are 5 ways people like to give and receive love. So who are these people,. They've actually spent time learning the codes of etiquette that is technically lost on us commoners.

She is bright and beautiful, fun and. The best thing about brazilian girls is they play far fewer games. Anyways, in this case, don’t make it sound like a date. I'm sorry to hear that ones that like brothas are the worse of the lot. As a queer lady with a fairly relaxed view of where my bits end up, i have partaken in my fair share of threesomes over the years.

Getting into the app is a totally free service for us military romance scams. They sort of get rid of human beeing's free will. Before the game general manager sandy alderson offered these words about harvey, who was awol last saturday after a breakup with super-model girlfriend adriana lima: “i hope he doesn’t get caught up in his own perfectionism. Typical woody plants for clipped hedges include privet, hawthorn, beech, yew, leyland cypress, hemlock, arborvitae, barberry, box, holly, oleander, lavender, among others. In thailand it has traditionally been the man who works and brings home the bacon and in most relationships the man earns more than the woman. How to do a smoky eye:. These dates can vary each year by 1 or 2 days you must look what day the sun enters a sign in an ephemeris this book is used by astronomers and shows where the planets are at any time-past present future. “kristina is introduced to crystal meth (“crank”) while visiting her largely absent and ne’er-do-well father. I've never started dating a complete stranger and had it turn into anything meaningful.

On a constructive level, these clear the air and bring you closer to your goals. When is a bdsm relationship abusive and when is it not. Tinder social has a leg up over one-on-one friend-making channels, such as bumble bff, because it's an easier way to get a whole crew of existing and new friends together for a night out. Plus, the small southern town of anyone she started dating, paul wesley as damon. The longer you’re with someone, the harder it becomes to break up (for various reasons), so just cut your losses now. Purpose artist very well liked it and unliked it for what remains an unknown reason. Far is the biggest given someone else has done for you. When they go to meet their dates, they find out they've been matched with some nice dates.

Or they could have a really sexy picture, but i see them in person and there is just no spark, or they have some other idiosyncrasy that turns me off. Our au pairs have meant so much to us and have played an integral part in each development stage for our girls. I believe that if you hook up with someone who doesn’t have the same religious beliefs, then you will start to lose your connection with your faith. The remains or imprint of an organism from a previous geologic time. I’ve often wondered about reality shows where you have the public voting.

Right across the street from the syracuse stage, vpa majors are probably all familiar with phoebe’s restaurant. If they say no you back where you started from. State lawmakers officially banned such practices in 1979. Moving back to discussing the website, the important idea behind any dating website is that the larger the membership base, the more options are made available to you and the higher the possibility of finding your match. Daisy’s also got a nose for dog shit, and he started howling like a bitch in heat when i tried to upload my photo and was blasted with a red warning: “if you upload nude photos, we will be forced to permanently delete your profile.  would you rather fall to your death or be buried alive. She flipped a shit and broke up with me. Comments are closed to individual posts but if you'd like to add a comment, please do so on facebook at the end of the page.

These memories range from meeting the trainer for the first time, defeating wild pokémon or gym leaders, using hms outside of battle, exploring various locations, evolving, etc. Summit at the broadmoor in colorado springs is the perfect place for romance. Instead of literally taking on problems immediately, i try to give him a little space first, because i get that he needs time to process things mentally before we resolve a conflict. Rekindled his boys, eric kevin contemporary. Many questions are mooted concerning the words of the apostles and those of the gospel and our lord himself, if things.

Built on a deep sense of a loss of connection to the beating death of their spouse. ” if you wouldn’t walk into a starbucks without pants on, you certainly shouldn’t be pantless in your online profile. Old profiles and hardly anyone in uniform, over the last 6 months i have given this online dating ago, thinking that i might just meet a nice guy in uniform. They did not respond this way to boys—they praised their answers.

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"i'm going to need your help pulling together this upcoming mission to sulibaa," he said, grasping at anything to keep the conversation going. Complimenting your date is good manners. Gradually fading with distance in the host mineral to a "fuzzy". When you're exploring new positions, it's all about finding angles that feel best for both you and your partner. I don't really use online dating, but when i'm in an environment where girls are mostly older than me (ny clubs and bar), i always lie about my age. A classic texas kind of date. Then i'd turn on my heels, drive back to the airport, and get on the next flight. Online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Men are frequently more easy-going and less entirely to get upset if something isn't new right or smooth.

They are caring, compassionate and kind -- and men can often have deeper and more meaningful relationships with them than they can with other men. Many older routers were designed before tv streaming became commonplace. “im dating sites online sponsored. I know you want dis dihh. Maybe you don't know the difference between a slice and a draw. Most churches however, you will see the men in suits or nice shirts and slacks on sunday and the women wear dresses or skirts. It is compulsory for you to go to school from the age of 5 to at least 15. The enfp then goes all the way to the bottom with introverted sensing where they must ask questions of their body, how it feels, why it feels the way it does. If it has already happened, is there a way to backtrack and fix it if he has the upperhand now. I think that was the only time i wondered about the wisdom of our decision.

  a spinster is seen as a dried up, desiccated, a throw away figure, while the bachelor is seen as debonair and eligible. We want other people to see you for who you are. Women prize security and stability in a man. Office romance: 7 rules for dating your coworker. Hamm quashed the rumors pretty quickly; they sprung up like weed after the. Ones who are likely to eventually find the right level before you are old enough to be watching. You will stop being the ‘afternoon delight’ up against the photocopier and will instead be only boring old . I never thought i’d be enticed to keeping it for good. Everything else we're working on.

In trying online dating relationships heidi priebe heidi is an american-based international inc. Dealing with the reaction of friends and family. Dating british stanley planes review:. The popular “dating for dummies” is back on its third edition. Beautiful chinese wife's comprehensive guide with dating older woman. ) this particular film is an overly familiar trifle, cozily amusing, but it’ll be very interesting to see what glanz does next. - the girls i got matched are much prettier than in spain +2 points avg (from 5 in to 7 in poland).

They had to find ways to just be in the same room or spend time together where they could take study breaks. And specifying different aspects when they arise;. I am very interested in you. Are we the type of person he would be excited to bring home to meet his parents. We always had a really good relationship. I glanced around the nearly empty. Together skarsgård are alexander with tv presenter alexa chung 2015 two. She suffered severe head and chest injuries and was taken to st vincent’s hospital in a critical condition. Make seven dollars an hour are oppressed by the patriarchy. "i have to work really, really, really hard at it, and i have to train.

Carbon dating is it wrong meeting. Quotes for a dating profile. I ordered a glass of white wine, not wanting my breath smelling of beer, which was my usual tipple when in a pub; pubs not being noted for the quality of their wines. Refusing to “pull out” if that is the agreed upon method of birth control. Ie top christian dating sites is so accurate.

Avsec complimented her for finding her charger so quickly. I just thought, ‘i know what i’m doing, and i could be wrong, but in terms of what tim and i discussed for the movie, i knew we were right on,’” he says now. I’m sorry but i don’t get that. He admits that james should have been fired for other offenses but this time it’s bullshit. But as with the horse taming, that realism also springs from the wealth and depth of its many secondary systems. Let us summarize the above:.

Lakeville online dating red flags can come at online dating scammer. I married 4 times in my whole life with 1 caucasian lady and 3 italian woman. As you’ll see from my video, i prefer being perpendicular to the bar. Students who attend school there are expected to learn thousands of characters by the time they pass to middle school. But once again, thank you & nice try. Obviously this is the perfect model for a date night. Starring at this vision in his reflection, fisk chose to ignore the horrific image and instead shut off the light before leaving his penthouse to return to his work.

She’s definitely reaching a different audience and i love it. You can be fugly and get kind,smart, interesting and pretty people into you. "it's time to parent him in the spirit. The couple i know did recover from his indiscretions, but she put him on a new, tight leash and learned, to her surprise, that he could survive bouts of abstinence. " used to tease her, "yeah, i know, one of these days your gonna back hand me outta this chair just like a big old grizzly bear. [6] the actual boyfriend-girlfriend relationship may also result from such formal visits. In the 1998 second semi-final st kilda held the lead over melbourne near the end of the second quarter.

But neither of these books can be called truly representative of apocalyptic literature in the narrower sense (see below). ” this was the extent of my understanding of christian dating as a teenager and young adult. Minimize sugar and refined carbs, foods that quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy. Sam is scared and tries to leave, but when "john" blocks her way, sam tells him she knows he's actually caleb. Some clumsily make their way through the experience, while others are comfortable with the process. If their partner was faithful, there was no need to use condoms. To give an example, the last time i made a concerted effort to win the affections of a woman, was about four years ago. And the reality is, that’s not about maturity or rebounding well or any of that bullsh*t – it’s just that he finally found a woman he felt was “worthy” of his 100%.

And it was "entirely intentional". Final decisions will be mailed in late march or early april, immediately following the regular decision mailing date. Admittedly, i don't usually read books like this, but found. Do woman have hairy backs. Diamonds, solitaire and platinum can take a backseat when there is a worthwhile book in front of her. Now, with these new feelings firmly in place, it makes me question how much a true friendship we’ve been cultivating, and how much is simply an extended break-up, a phase, a delusion, or some co-dependent thing.

In the wide world of dating, there are many options. Or from hurting the other person's feelings. Her biological mother was in a romantic relationship with another woman at the time, and both planned to parent the child. Of leaving them uncorrected may be the difference between normal and abnormal. Do i really want to put my soul on the line like this. We have a feeling after everything that's gone down between alissa and team 10, they wouldn't want neels working with her if he was still part of the squad.

Find the finest plus-size ladies at bbw sex hookup. Harry hasn't confirmed or denied that he's dating tess and when she was asked about him during a recent interview she declined to comment. Kal penn has dated male or female. 7) guests who receive no friend or date or both matches after attending a paid event (and who have fully participated by selecting other guests on their form and who have not arrived late or left early) can attend our following event free of charge. Godwin's novels" produced by the "daughter of a celebrated living novelist" (414). "i was just thinking about. Premium members are able to see the full profile details of other members who say they are interested in you. “this is a problem that is much larger. For example, a work by a united states author.

In short: so long as you actually intend to take advantage of all that data and airtime, t-mobile might have the edge. Joe doyle), who will appear later this season to stir up some family drama when they both urge her to return to scotland, impacting her relationship with francis. Honesty and trust is important. Don’t feel like you need to email your rulebook to any potential dates, but keeping the principles in your mind will help you with your expectations. She dated a fellow youtuber. Surround yourself with friends and family, or just enjoy the solitude if you prefer. Just remember that the longer this takes, the easier it will be for your children.

Articles about online dating sites in india without paying in popular culture[] online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anniversary in vegas - by karen kay - a white couple celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in las vegas. Articles about online dating sites in india without paying online introduction services[] online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m nothing like those other girls; i am so weird. She proved this in court with the assistance of a lactation specialist. Hannah gibson: social media profile. I got tired of being unappreciated and step outside my relationship. The unusual film has an unconventional release strategy, playing on directv since feb. His desire for love and affection colors everything george clooney does. Most of the church is not thinking as much about it as you are, so when people ask how your life is, feel free to share other things.

To meet, or you simply would like to find someone else to talk to robbie dating an older. Mike moustakas, remain available for anyone to sign, and kansas city gm dayton moore spoke about the reunion possibilities in an interview with soren petro of 810 am’s the program (alllinkstotwitter). Keep string vibrations to minimum in this relationship, the fire year new york dating coach caroline sign help the rest of us who came from and the people. That said, if you have moved in with another romantic partner, or that person is otherwise providing for you financially, your spouse may argue that you are entitled to a lesser amount of spousal support because your needs are less than they otherwise would be if you were not dating. 1) first things first, are justin bieber and selena gomez dating.

Have a female friend come over and do a walkthrough for you. It is racist to have racial dating preferences.

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Been teasing on the gear live twitter yuri dating sim online providing and facebook for me to be able. Tinder gay dating app, the app at least offers people the illusion that such a dating is in my future. I didn't start dating in university until late sophomore year, and even then it was a guy that i couldn't have met through school. My program ends at the end of january. And although they've yet to publicly announce their relationship status since thompson was busted cheating days before their daughter true was born in april, it was clear that they were indeed a couple. As enjoyable as dating can be, for those with a chronic illness it can be difficult. In some places, though, you.

Now he is scrambling trying to get out of the reach of her giant fingers. The cavaliers, meanwhile, are in a hole that might as well be 6 feet deep. She was cool, the date was fun, but would she like my family. Stated in terms of risk aversion coefficients, they assumed that. That didn’t happen, he always managed to call on sunday trying to change the plans. Make sure that you’re fully considering what you want and need and communicate those to your significant other.

Extraverted sensing: the ability to pick up on immediate details of the surroundings and grasp how it fits into the rest of the environment. Julia roberts, cameron diaz, jeniffer lawrence, catherine dutchess of cambridge and paris hilton all share bella hadid’s height. Some great documentaries that are available on netflix or amazon to stream online are:. Kellyn and jill are two of the most amazing, high vibrational women i know, and they attract clients of the same caliber (you know what they say: your vibe attracts your tribe. Accompanying checks showed that the 14c date was not due to. Upon learning dan is dating olivia, georgina blackmails vanessa into trying to break them up. "elin was smart, she was down to earth, and i could tell immediately that she was great with kids.

There's no shame in being a science nerd, but this is the rare show that actually holds the interest of the science-averse. Into good food, wine and great company. In an interview on 12th july, she revealed her role of medusa as the wife of black bolt, and she is the queen of attilan on the moon. "one of my biggest red flags is when men try to psychoanalyze me on the first few dates, like if they say 'let me guess, you're one of those girls who. " and millennials, he said, never seemed to fit in on lds-only dating websites. Here's what you should know:. The youngster released his debut single. I am dating a guy who isnt over his ex adult chat is a twos company dating agency fun way to meet people and spend y, quality time together. Since then, mattyb has moved onto performing original material; to date, he has released well over half a dozen singles such as.

Dewey's wife frances strongly opposed her husband changing tactics, telling him, "if i have to stay up all night to see that you don't tear up that speech [draft], i will. Their relationship has gone healthy by time as we can see mark appearing in the instagram updates of amy nelson’s account. Jes's real my space name is ~anchor~ she considers herself "the anchor of a really lucky boat" what does that mean i don't know, any theories. She and cécile were of an age, and as young ladies in paris society had been inseparable. Most 2017 chris brown and rihanna dating respected communities.

If your 16-year-old isn't active, now is the time to make exercise a priority. Ratio of obtaining age or. Whether it be an uncle or cousin, or friends from my university, i found nothing wrong or. The site, which launches today in honor of april fool's day, will be up through national burrito day (april 4) until april 8. These days it does seem as though there are dating sites for just about everyone and we believe that we are part of the proof. This is an important notice to inform you that we have put a temporary block on www. While mollie said the feelings were pretty mutual on her end, she had just wanted to know for sure either way so she could let it go.

What a blow to my ego, he destroyed a marriage with his affairs and lying and he ends up with my friends. It is not like they are promiscuous, but find joy and excitement in the change of scenery, especially if there is relative movement involved, too. But far from confirming anything found. I actually told him to enjoy his vacation and no point building castles at this point. Now there are anecdotal reports of women getting desperate when they are getting closer to the end of their childbearing years.

Plus, being single is fun. While certain personality types or physical attributes may be your usual preference, enter the world of online dating with a willingness to date someone outside your classic ‘type’ and you could be in for a nice surprise. I'm thinking we maybe started dating too soon after his loss and i don't want to be. But eharmony’s dating pool is still demographically diverse. Ben: well, i’ve never actually watched the show, so i don’t really know specifically what they are going through.

“i really don’t,” ben interrupted. Articles about online dating sites in india without paying social networking[] online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The key characteristics of narcissism are a lack of empathy and the inability to give unconditional love; if you can be empathetic with others or can give unconditional love-you are not a narcissist. The two were joined for dinner by jackson's godfather macaulay culkin and his girlfriend brenda song. May they be non existant or at least rare. Sheldon does think he's in their relationship.

For many people, a free handset is the chief advantage of a monthly contract. Both, gemini man and libra woman love to enjoy and make the most of time. But none of them follow through. Thank god for your column, dan, because it lets so many people know that they're not alone. Can someone please help me out with this issue. Remember to practice patience and don’t react out of stress or frustration. ) initially attracted to these "undesirable" men in the first place or 2. He is so interested when he is talking with me.

” i’ve heard so much advice already. I’ve met a guy online, we texted for a week before he asked me out, the first date went way better than i’ve expected and i felt like we really hit it off. As a dangerous offender, he is likely never getting out. What's a good costume party without at least one pants-free person. Wyldfire dating app home page. Visit our other dating sites that are dedicated for white men & black women. For more info you can visit. After all, i married the same guy i’ve been with for 20 years and i am an “old fart” who is much happier in the suburbs and going to bed at 9pm than any city-life party-late shenanigans.

Authorities started by looking at those closest to paige. You hate something does not make it trashy, you feminazie. Anyways, about a month i met a taurus online and met him shortly after we talked on the phone. Numerology of your birth date, regardless of what month you were born, can reveal surprising information about your personality. A therapist can 
help guide this process, but.

When dating a coworker, you're running the risk of having to see them every day, even after a messy break-up. Not really, which is why so many guys are fooled. Can hinge, the app that recently declared millennials in the midst of a “dating apocalypse” somehow make dating apps feel worthwhile. Allegedly cheat on multiple partners, we need to understand the inner workings of their sense of self worth. Articles about online dating sites in india without paying from generalist to specialized od websites[] online dating service - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Communion with the body of christ should be resolved. I went on over 12 dates and every person i talked to said they'd had the same experience. It's nice, it's happy, it's sympathetic and empathetic, it spins to the positive side, it tries to be humorous, and it raises false issues the better to easily address/dismiss them. Pretty much my motivation to work, stay out of trouble and maintain is so i'll be a better husband later. “how's this for immediate feedback.

I will be the first to admit that we want our horses to look good and be equipped with the best tack possible. Baked beans (preferably lower-sodium) or hm, refried beans in tacos, bean and cheese roll ups for lunch or even snack, mexican pizza, and chili are all easy ways to get beans into your menus. Forcetwins-you can use this after you here the lullaby. Uber ride and the abject humiliation of grindr catfishing, but also had the nerve to accuse brandon of cheating on him. “i prefer using premium dating sites and don’t mind spending a few dollars if it means i will be chatting with users of serious intentions who are looking for a relationship.

We get to know you. While he does still produce minecraft content, all of it is behind-the-scenes videos about the custom-map he is making alongside his team of builders and friends (rpg-makers). Really like this girl in school, but i don’t know if she likes me. Here are just 9 of the shockin’ notions they have about irish men and women. " i didn't expect any of that to happen.

Total drama: action reunion special and a minor character in. They met while co-starring in the 2008 hit film, slumdog millionaire. Selena gomez is not only a flop as a singer, but as an actress as well. The tabacón hot springs perfectly combine mineral content, volume and temperature. , after which he and the other three officers on duty check the equipment on the department's four fire apparatus--the squad, ambulance and two engines. This is a positive and inspiring message for people to hear from the young star. I've always acknowledged my debt to hammer. We want to know about their love lives. Faith" on account of this incident and had suffered nightmares.

Came matchmaking company in the long term dating box and left it at that as i iceberg. Or you can also share your dating and perfect experience with others and win more likes. Or that there’s something seriously wrong with me. The core structure of it is a dating sim, as you attempt to gain experience points in certain areas that appeal to particular suitors. Lane messages from lives of course the direction art internet dating dave jones are faithfully the same as emails. How did this come about over the last few years. Emmett was not a man of many words and he did not discuss feelings. The fighter for a long time.

2 of them lasted more than 3 months. Imam didn't get any comments, but no one egged her house either, she says. I’m not sure there is such a thing. Zellweger lost the award bid to nicole kidman, and then teamed up with that actress for anthony minghella's epic cold mountain. Soon after, he messaged me asking me why i deleted him from my friends. I loved watching her age, which, like everything else, she did beautifully. Andi dorfman’s early life.

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If there is no evidence that the numbers are grossly inaccurate, this should be a matter of citing a verifiable...

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