Choose non-invasive species
There is a bamboo species that does not proliferate and is therefore often chosen: Fargesia. It grows to about three meters high and is evergreen. Because this bamboo does not create root suckers, it will stay neatly in place and will not proliferate. Ideal if you want to play it safe.

Using Root Limiter
If you are not charmed by the small leaves of the Fargesia, then you fall unceremoniously into the category of well-propagating bamboo species. But this does not immediately mean the end of the story, because by wrapping the roots of bamboo with a special foil – also called bamboo inhibitor or root limiter – you can control the urge to expand. Sometimes the advice is even given at Fargesia to use this foil. Just to be sure.

put in a jar
Bamboo does well in the ground, so you can keep the plant in check with a root limiter. It is thus a good alternative to, for example, a beech hedge. The waving and rustling bamboo lends extra charm to the often somewhat dull boundary. If you want to be sure that bamboo does not proliferate, you can also plant them in tub boxes or flower pots. The non-invasive Fargesia is the best variety for this, the other varieties have roots that are too strong for the pot.

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